What we've attempted to teach in this course has application to future courses and, more importantly, your future career. There are many ways you can personalize the learning for your own career goals. This quiz will help you do that.

The quiz consists of three questions. Each question asks for your opinion. Please note the questions specifically ask about most value. In other words, we're looking for your positive answers. You should express a positive, professional, grammatically correct opinion for each question. We recognize you may have negative opinions from time to time. We have venues for you to express those in positive ways and to get resolution to problems and concerns. The focus of this exercise is to help you and us find the best parts of your experiences. Finding the best in situations, whether easy or difficult, is a virtue that will be of assistance to you in your future career and professional life.

The questions are:

  • 1. What did you find of most value from the readings (you can include videos) in this course and why?
  • 2. What did you find of most value from the instructor lectures in this course and why?
  • 3. What did you find of most value from the assignments in this course and why?
  • Your response should be 50 words or more per question. If you put something too general like "I learned how to better prepare for my future career." You will get less than 3 points on the question.

    What will get points is thoughtful and specific comments that show you know how to take the information from the course and integrate it into your future career. Your degree will not simply be a piece of paper that opens doors to career opportunities. It is evidence of preparation and capability. Your answers to these three questions will show your preparation and capabilities based on this course.

    * If you legitimately feel the quality of some aspect of the course is lower than it should be, please send your suggestions for improvement to your instructor and/or associate dean and comment on the week four modly survey. We are always looking to improve. At the same time, it is a critical career skill to be able to find something to build on for your personal future even in less than optimal situations.