Students will complete at least one assignment/paper per week, for the first three weeks. These assignments will require outside research. Assignments can be submitted any time before the due date. The assignments may also serve as practice and preparation for the assessments. Implementing instructor feedback will benefit your grade. Check the LMS for assignment submission details


Saturday by 11:59 p.m. MT

(Mountain Time) of the week assigned to receive full credit or as designated by your instructor.

The courses in this program (with the exception of clinicals and externships) require that at least one assignment include research or study using the Institution’s Learning Resource System. The systems include the Academic Resource Center (also known as SHARC) for online students and the Learning Resource Center (also known as the library) for on-ground students. Other online learning networks are also available such as ProQuest, LIRN or other online resources such as journals, periodicals or whitepaper sources of legitimate information. Assignments that require using the Learning Resource System will be explained by your instructor and will require citation references of your sources as part of the assignment.

Late Assignment Submission Policy.

In this course only, late assignments are accepted.