Remember: The point of a discussion forum is to learn from our shared conversation—sharing experiences and research-backed positions and knowledge—to jointly learn more thoroughly than we can alone. It is expected you will read and consider the posts of your classmates and instructor.

What: You will be writing 3 discussion posts per week; your main post and 2 responses to classmates. There is no word requirement for this class and no APA formatted citation/references. This applies to our SOAR course only.

Why: Discussion questions are designed for you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the weekly material. This forum provides an opportunity to develop ideas and concepts with your instructor and peers. This discussion format assists with development of communication skills and critical thinking necessary for success in the modern workplace.

How: Your posts should be substantive, demonstrate independent thought relevant to the topic, and encourage continued discussion. Please avoid simply repeating previous posts and agreeing. Provide supporting evidence for your ideas and opinions through the use of personal or work examples, relevant articles or websites, or concepts covered in the week’s readings. Best practice: compose and save your discussion post in a word processing document, check spelling and grammar, and then copy and paste the response in the Discussion forum.

When: To be eligible for full credit, your first post for any discussion question must be made by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. (MT), and you must post the remaining two before Saturday at 11:59 p.m. (MT). You are expected to participate in the ongoing discussion on at least two different days during the week.