Why Does IU Have an APA Standard?

The APA style guide, currently the 6th edition, is over 250 pages of information on how to write a paper for publication according to the way the American Psychological Association wants. Not only are we not writing for publication for the APA, we also want to focus on content, not freaking out of every little nuance of APA formatting details. As a graduate student, you will want your own copy of the APA style guide and you would extensively review any paper you wrote to guarantee perfection in the formatting. However, we're going to simplify things a bit for you as an undergraduate student.

As you can see in the title of this course, ENG101, the 101 refers to the class being a lower-level college course--a freshman class, so to speak. As you progress in your degree you will take 200-level courses and likely 300- and 400-level courses depending on the degree you are pursuing. Those upper level courses will have somewhat higher expectations since you will have strong experience as a student and are about ready to launch into your new career field.

100 lvl APA Template

Your APA formatting expectations will also develop along those same lines. Here are the general guidelines: